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The paving process - how paving is done

The installation of a new driveway is a substantial financial investment so you should demand only the highest quality workmanship of your contractor. Properly constructed, a common driveway should last for many years.


Unfortunately, the asphalt industry has its share of dishonest or careless contractors who will give you the lowest estimate, use inferior products and then demand more money at the end of the job.


The professionals at R-N-J Paving use only the highest grade materials available and install your pavement with attention to detail and with the aim of having each project last as long as possible.

Helpful information about paving and asphalt

• Before the job, do a walk through with the contractor to discuss all aspects of the job, from drainage, property lines, sleeving and utility line locations. If any excavation is needed, contact your utility company to mark the location of underground lines.


• The finished product is only as good as the foundation it is laid upon - if you wish to perform and asphalt overlay on an existing drive that is showing signs of failure, we would strongly suggest removing the existing asphalt to prepare a solid sub-base foundation for the new paving.


• Proper installation of the base material for the foundation is critical. This involves grading and compacting the surface to ensure that there are no soft spots, which can cause problems in the future. Stone is placed 4 to 6 inches deep and then compacted and graded to provide a smooth and solid template for the asphalt surface.


• Since asphalt never truly hardens, a base that is uneven or has depressions or soft spots will create the same uneven surface to appear on the asphalt. Proper foundation construction is the key to a long lasting and well done final product.


• Once the base is completed, the final surface asphalt is trucked in from the nearest asphalt plant and placed by our experienced technicians. Some surfaces need only a single lift of asphalt, while others with heavier traffic demands may require additional. Don't hesitate to ask about what is best for your situation during the initial visit or estimate.


• Once the asphalt has been laid, the next and most important step is compaction, in order that the material will hold together. R-N-J Paving uses a double drum vibratory roller to ensure a smooth finish followed by hand tamping the edges to support vehicular weight.

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